“Poles have decided to invite Ukraine to the Trimarium project”
Mykhailo HONCHAR discusses key statements and signals from the Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj
13 September 2018
55 countries – 55 years!
To understand where the world is moving to, one should look at… Africa which is becoming again a ground for geopolitical struggle
30 May 2018
What steps are needed to pull Ukraine out of the World’s least competitive countries?
Sergiy Rybalka, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Financial Policy and Banking
03 November 2017
Prime minister’s first year: conclusions and promises
PM Volodymyr Hroisman postpones reporting to parliament to practice with journalists?
13 April 2017
Ukrainian economy is not for “wimps”
The tale of how MPs wrote Elon Musk and what came from it
24 January 2017
Davos and Yalta: parallels
The World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab has acknowledged that his discussion platform led humanity astray for 20 years
19 January 2017
Trying to manage chaos
Vladimir Putin’s media yes-men are in a strange situation where things seem easy and difficult at the same time
08 December 2016
A step towards the Baltic-Black Sea “belt” of security
As Ukraine marked the 25th anniversary of the referendum, the region’s ex-presidents gathered in Kyiv to discuss the formation of a new political platform
06 December 2016
Are we independent 25 years after the referendum?
Leonid KRAVCHUK: “If there had been successful state-building processes, the Kremlin would have far fewer chances to implement its aggressive plans”
30 November 2016
“From European optimism to healthy Ukraine-centered pragmatism”
Experts discuss the need to develop a new strategy for Ukraine’s relations with the EU which would take into account Ukrainian interests
28 November 2016
“I did not go myself. I was forced to go”
The Day, Dmytro Kiva explained who was behind his dismissal
24 November 2016
Will the world get back to protectionism?
or Why Trump wants to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
23 November 2016
How the Russian media were selecting the president of Ukraine
The Kremlin believes the fairy tales spread on its orders by the media machine it has created itself
22 November 2016
A new round in the Gongadze-Podolsky case
The latest hearing on appeals against Oleksii Pukach’s sentence in the Court of Cassation shed light on previously unknown dark pages of his trial
17 November 2016
“If the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a pit”
Will the leadership draw conclusions from its foreign policy failure in the strategic American direction?
15 November 2016