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The Next Sea Breeze is Stirred By Parliament

27 жовтня, 00:00

There was no sensation. Last Friday, the Left wanted again to forbid 1998 Sea Breeze exercise which started last Saturday at the Shyroky Lan training area and Northern Black Sea waters with 30 vessels and almost 2,500 military personnel of 11 countries including 6 NATO-members attended.

The exercise opponents recognize that NATO has invested $1.2 billion in modernization our training area while the exercise will cost Ukraine nothing. But they do not want “the NATO boot trample the Ukrainian land.” Moreover, in accordance with the Constitution it is within Verkhovna Rada’s competence to permit foreign armed troops enter the territory of Ukraine. However, neither the government not the Ministry of Defense not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have addressed the parliamentarians to let the exercise take place.

The Right in turn ask what the Russian soldier’s boot is doing on the Ukrainian soil. Given that no one side is in majority, “the friendship won.” However, the Communist-controlled National Security and Defense Committee is preparing a bill to determine just how foreign troops can be admitted into Ukraine.

The results of the vote on Seas Breeze was in the interests of both the generals and the Solons. The foreign vessels have already drawn up for a foreign raid on Odesa, the wheels of the exercise are already turning, and they seem able to withstand both meteorological and political storms.

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