National “ground” and “sky” of ideas

The new Route No. 1 will help you find your niche

“A niche is a very natural condition that we should all choose for ourselves. For it is not only a market-related idea. Essentially, every individual is a niche. A unique individual is one who stands on his or her national ground. And, at the same time, there is a boundless, all-embracing ‘sky’ of ideas above them. It is a figure and a model,” editor-in-chief Larysa Ivshyna writes in her traditional column – this time especially full of philosophy.

The Route No. 1 team has gathered examples of successful niche projects in various spheres, and you can read exclusive interviews with Yaroslav Pryhara, general manager of AvtoKapital, the official importer of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine; Liza Yurusheva, general manager of Fairmont Grand Hotel; TV host Oleksandr Skichko; “U Anhelovykh” restaurant owner Yulia Anhelova; politician and Kyiv Council member Hanna Svyrydenko. Besides, there are a lot of reviews that will prompt you to think over your own niche.

A chapter in this issue is holiday-colored, for Route No. 1 is marking its fifth birthday! Quite a few partners wished to express their opinion on this “true national magazine.” The issue also comprises reflections of some of its creators. And a totally exclusive thing: you can see only here all the 50 unique covers of Route No. 1 which, incidentally, our partners call a separate art product.

You can order the fresh Route No. 1: Niche right now at the Den website shop or by the sales department phone number (044) 303 96 23. Otherwise, wait until Friday to buy it at a newsstand.