“...What is selected by time”
The new issue of Route No. 1 offers a fresh look at... retro
20 February 2018
“A recipe for more than one holiday”
The latest issue of Route No. 1 offers a “New Year’s Day menu”
13 December 2017
“Follow the leaf’s example!”
The latest issue of Route No. 1 will tell the story of “Photo-Synthesis”
25 October 2017
A high dimension
The new issue of Route No. 1 discovers the noble world
27 September 2017
“Traveling is a metaphor of life”
Lviv artists went on a walking tour of Ukraine to gather material for Enter UA project
13 September 2017
New issue of Route No. 1 deals with the “magnets” of Kharkiv
Our creative team has prepared a unique guide to the Ukrainian “Pole of Force”
22 August 2017
“The main thing is that you come across good people”
Yurii Fomenko on his fact-finding, environmental, and even technological bicycle rides across the Dnieper region
10 August 2017
National “ground” and “sky” of ideas
The new Route No. 1 will help you find your niche
25 May 2017
“Hygge under every cherry tree”
The new issue of the glossy magazine Route No. 1 deals with the smart home...
29 March 2017
Holland is not only tulips
Why is that country taking a distorted view of Ukraine?
02 March 2017
“Getting reacquainted”
The February issue of our glossy supplement Route No. 1 invites the readers to… tea
22 February 2017
“For the gifts!”
The new issue of Route No. 1 creates a holiday spirit and offers meditations in delicate elegance
14 December 2016
Ukraine’s “family album”
A new issue of Route No. 1 is dedicated to Den’s 20th anniversary and the coming of age of its photography school
02 November 2016
“Autumnal cocktail”
The new issue of Route No. 1 is about trends in beverages
29 September 2016
A quarry of special attention
Explorers discover 65 bird species in a unique location in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. Now they are improving the living conditions for them
19 September 2016