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Letters to Ukraine – 22

06 декабря, 00:00

Is there any alternative to Apocalypse? Beyond a certain point, if we push too far, must Apocalypse happen? Not as the Evil that overcomes Good, but because Apocalypse is Good’s last resort? When billions fail to listen to nature, to their truest selves, does Apocalypse clear a way for the hundreds of billions yet to come? This is like ‘hard love’ on a cosmic scale, allowing pain in a single generation so there will be less pain across la­ter generations. Is Apocalypse, then, the stern (but fair) guardian who cares, dispassionately, for all his wards – not just for the one child who stands before him? When reason is perverse, when vision and altruism evaporate and compassion becomes utterly subser­vient to economic growth, then… Apocalypse? Whe­ther They arrive with an obvious Bang! or an insidious whimper, please don’t believe I’m keen to welcome those Horsemen in! Human consciousness evolves towards the Light, even in its greyest times, and we can still choose to ensure the Riders do not come. But if They do, and I am here to see Them, I’ll try to understand that it may be a lar­ger kindness, a firmer justice, not narrow vengefulness, that diverts Them to cut across our path.

© Mario Petrucci, 2012

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