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Serving the Majority is Dangerous and Difficult

27 октября, 00:00

Let us recall that the Prime Minister addressed seven Parliamentary factions which did not vote for government dismissal with a proposal to nominate candidates from their factions to occupy “any posts” in the government.

Then, the Hromada, Left Center, and CPU factions in a joint statement tried to pass the responsibility for “Ukraine’s future fate” onto factions which did not vote for Government’s dismissal, asserting that they in fact are a “majority in Verkhovna Rada.” Given that Rukh has refused to join the government and it is still unclear whether two other factions, the PSPU and SDPU(u), are ready to join Pustovoitenko’s Cabinet, one cannot talk about a real majority. However, several factions did agree to join the “renewed” government.

NDP “is ready to give its people” to work in the government, assured People’s Deputy Filenko, one of the faction’s leaders. Vitaly Kononov, leader of the Greens, stated that its faction is able to nominate candidatures to work in the government “practically at all posts.” According to him, these are mostly “young non-engaged people who know how to earn money for the country.” People’s Deputy Dovhan, leader of the Peasant Party faction said that its faction is “absolutely ready” to offer its people to join the government. According to him, “the faction’s representatives are ready to occupy some posts in the agrarian and economic blocks.”

Despite seven factions has been already called a majority, three more (Left Center, Hromada, and CPU) have declared their intention to form an opposition majority. However, the seven supporting the government consists of 233 deputies and forming a majority from the remainder is numerically impossible.

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