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A unique opportunity to test preparedness

На Львівщині стартували масштабні міжнародні військові навчання
05 September, 18:51

LVIV – Rapid Trident 2018 Ukraine-NATO multinational training exercise was ceremoniously launched at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center on September 3. One of the largest ever held, this year’s exercise involves combat units from 10 NATO member countries and four partners: Ukraine, US, UK, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Denmark, Canada, Moldova, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Germany, and Lithuania.

Among the troops, totaling 2,200, are officers and men of the Hetman Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade. Needless to say, the Ukrainian contingent is numerically the strongest, followed by the US.

This time the exercise will also involve the National Guard, State Border Service, and State Security Administration of Ukraine, along with over 350 combat vehicles and aircraft.

Rapid Trident 2018, made up of two command post and field training phases, will last two weeks, until September 15. During this time, Ukrainians and their foreign colleagues will undergo combat, logistics, and humanitarian aid drills.

Rapid Trident Co-Director, Col. Tim Cleveland, said: “These exercises are a unique opportunity for all the commanders to check the combat capability of their units, to work out tactics jointly in one territory… It is a great opportunity for the allies and partners to work with the Ukrainian troops and share experience.”

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