Travel to Markivka, visit Leontovych
A museum of the outstanding composer has opened after reconstruction
31 August 2016
On the effect of “cross-pollination”
Den’s glossy, Route No. 1, is four years old!
08 June 2016
We wish you a good summer drive!
The new Route No.1 offers a master class on travel
26 May 2016
A place of horror and sorrow
Why the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum gets thousands of visitors every day
16 May 2016
A bee stripe on a hot summer’s day
25 April 2016
Travel show as a lifestyle
The “World Inside Out” program’s film crew tells The Day about what Ukrainians have achieved abroad and why they fail to do so at home
10 February 2016
Xiamen. Crazy 35 years
Why is one of the fastest growing cities in China so attractive?
09 February 2016
The routes of cultural diversity
Kherson launches a website on the history of Taurida region
03 February 2016
“A present to Mykolaiv on St. Nicholas Day”
Den’s Days start in the southern city on December 18
16 December 2015
The time of mulled wine is the time of good deeds
Fresh Route No. 1 tells about the way of creating a festive atmosphere not only for yourself, but also for those who need it the most
09 December 2015
On the country’s Photobiennale
The latest issue of Route No. 1 – the 37th – offers a unique art guide which not only shows the past, but also projects the future
05 November 2015
On kitchen as a way to free world
In the fresh, 36th issue of Route No. 1, Den continues to explore the Ukrainian space, this time cuisine
30 September 2015
This boat is a unique discovery for our country
A logboat has been excavated from river Styr in Volyn, the discovery can be a thousand years old
08 September 2015
Books in autumn
The fresh Route No. 1, My Book, opens an autumnal season of reading and tells about Den’s new products
03 September 2015
Website “Ukraine Incognita” marks four years!
Stanislav KULCHYTSKY: “This is a modern tool for proper reconsideration of history”
19 August 2015