Ukraine’s “family album”

A new issue of Route No. 1 is dedicated to Den’s 20th anniversary and the coming of age of its photography school

“Den that lasts 20 years” will be the leitmotif of the new issue of our glossy, which will appear this Friday, on the day of formal announcement of the results of the 18th International Photo Contest. “For quite a while we have been holding a competition no less significant than the World Press Photo, the only difference being that we show not merely pictures of disasters, but rather ‘excavate’ to find sources of force. We do it to show, at various stages, that Ukraine is beautiful, that Ukraine is strong, that it has powerful roots. Yes, Ukraine has problems and it needs to learn to overcome them. This is also a leitmotif of our exhibit,” wrote editor-in-chief Larysa Ivshyna in her column. Den’s photo exhibits over 18 years actually form Ukraine’s Family Album, and the new Route No. 1 tells about it.

The newspaper’s current photography editor and photo correspondents, as well as their colleagues who have worked for Den at various stages of its two decade long, fascinating history, also share their ideas about what makes Den’s photography school special. Further, the partners of the paper’s international photo contest, who handpick and award the best photographers, share about “their” best photos. To crown it all, there is exclusive breaking news: only in Route No. 1 you can be the first to find the names of authors of this year’s best photos and how they came to be.

In addition, Route No. 1 has extensive infographics presenting a kind of history of photography in Ukraine, a column on how real it is to earn on smartphone camera photos, a review of films about “living in the lens,” and many more exciting things.

You can order Route No. 1 “Ukraine’s Family Album” on Den’s website or by calling the sales department (044) 303 96 23, or you can wait till it appears at newsstands this Friday.