“For the gifts!”

The new issue of Route No. 1 creates a holiday spirit and offers meditations in delicate elegance

“There can never be too many gifts. There is always room for one more trinket, and another, and another... And a pile of gifts under the Christmas tree is a sign of love and big family. The Christmas tree is silver and blue in a large wicker basket, because it is still growing, just like any family is growing (and a pile of gifts too). Even a kitty has one present. Or perhaps it stole one for itself, mischievously...” writes Anna Havryliuk, the cover artist for the issue, setting the holiday mood. The style of “delicate elegance” refers not only to the cover, but to the entire content of the fresh glossy. See for yourself!

“We can give each other the most valuable of all things – emotion... Gifts are connecting times, they unite people in the strongest ties of sincere feelings. And it is the ‘golden elixir’ we have yet to learn to enjoy,” writes editor-in-chief Larysa Ivshyna. Route No. 1 calls for supporting the culture of presenting gifts and tells about the niche perfume project of Parfum Buro, the sweet “Salt” of the Lviv Confectionery, the high hospitality of the Vozdvyzhensky hotel-boutique, the “chocolate factory” of Inessa Binazon Chocolaterie, and the “Porcelain on pointe.” And it also tells how famous Ukrainian designers choose Christmas gifts, what liqueurs and cordials are recommended by the experts, which places of Ukraine will accept the most visitors on the New Year’s Eve, and many other interesting things to make your winter weekend really festive.

“For the gifts!” – this is the motto of the fresh glossy Route No. 1. By the way, the issue itself can become a great present for you and your family, so do not hesitate with the subscription! This Friday the holiday issue will become available at the press distribution network; and right now you can easily order it and subscribe either at our online shop at day.kyiv.ua or by phone: (044) 303 96 23.