“Autumnal cocktail”

The new issue of Route No. 1 is about trends in beverages

As the first autumnal cold spell has come, we would more like to drink something hot. Route No. 1 is sure to warm you up! The fresh glossy describes the best beverages and glassware for this season. But not only this… Editor-in-chief Larysa Ivshyna’s writes in her traditional column about “culture to your taste”: “It is good that it is reviving in Ukraine. For example, I felt it fantastically past year in a small Lviv restaurant: the cheese was made near Lviv and the hot rye bread in that bakery, my favorite fragrant plum jam was also made in Lviv, and the fine wine came from Bessarabia. This recipe of a small meal is very autumnal and, at the same time, very Ukrainian. It’s exactly one that offers you new tastes. It was considered for a long time that the best wine is only in France, Italy, New Zealand, or somewhere else. But the more the Ukrainians trust their economy, the more they will relish our own products, borrowing, of course, some nice recipes of the world to create a ‘cocktail’ of their own.”

You can read only in our Route No. 1 an interview with Oleksii Ostrovsky, director of Ukraine’s only conceptual whiskey restaurant, “Whisky Corner,” and member of the All-Ukrainian Club of Whiskey Lovers, as well as tips from Alla and Ivan Plachkov, founders of the Colonist trade mark, about how to really gorge on wine. Besides, you will learn in the glossy about the most widespread itineraries of Ukrainian gastro-tourism, the most popular drink in this country, the most appropriate vegetable and fruit shakes, about which cities are vying for the title of Ukraine’s “coffee capital,” and how art glassware is made in Pokuttia, to boot. Did you know that 18th-century Kyivan archpastors were served honey, English beer, and spicy vodka? The new issue of Route No. 1, titled Autumnal Cocktail, is also about ancient recipes and tastes.

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