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21 April, 00:00
By Dmytro Marusenko, The Day

Kyiv has not had a big-time tennis event for a long time. The Ukrainian team appearing in Davis Cup competition showed that there is great interest in this sport in Ukraine. But we should earn the right to conduct international ATP tournaments.

The first male professional tennis ATP-challenger tournament called the UMC Kyiv Open will be held on the courts of the Kyiv international tennis club, which belongs to the Nauka-Sport privately held corporation. The tournament begins on May 24 and ends on May 31. The prize fund totals $75,000.

Players with international rankings from 100 to 200 are expected to take part. Unfortunately, the French Open Tournament will be launched at about the same time. This is why we will not see Andriy Medvediev among participants of the tournament, but he is assisting in organizing it. The Ukrainian Tennis Federation and its commercial representative, InfoSport, have the right to grant four wild cards, which is why other members of the Ukrainian tennis team, such as Andriy Rybalko and Dmytro Poliakov, are likely to participate in the tournament.


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