Badri’s Silent Theater

The canvases displayed by Kyiv artist Badri Hubianuri at the Karas Atelier Gallery demand from the viewer special concentration and unhurried perception. His pictures contain no standard visual catches nor do they prompt visually in any way. This makes it very difficult to refer his art to any academic trend like abstractionism or minimalism. Rather, the artist displays a powerful individuality, a sage in his realm, ever following the most subtle spiritual circuits (Den’s interview, August 17, 2000, not translated in this digest). His refined manipulations with the plane and depth of the canvas, unique color technique, making every hue almost tangibly strong and as convincing as a good actor on stage, create Hubianuri his own unique silent theater staging dramas of ideas and ever new confrontations of views. This hidden yet highly dramatic life of his pictures make the exposition one of the most significant events of the season.