The old model of journalism as business is busted
Edward LUCAS on the responsibility of the media in shaping the public opinion
22 June 2016
“We are fighting for Europe”
The Day visited medical frontlines together with doctors of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital
22 June 2016
Operation “Embargo on Brain Export”
Dnipro hosted a family festival of robotics and innovations
16 June 2016
On the instruments of Euro-Atlantic integration
Ivanna KLYMPUSH-TSINTSADZE: “Ukraine can also share its experience and become a contributor to solutions, not to problems”
14 June 2016
Jose UGAZ: “It is really dangerous for democracy if people feel frustrated because there’s no real change”
In an interview with The Day, the chairman of Transparency International revealed his advice to Petro Poroshenko and told our reporter how he had got David Cameron interested at the London summit
08 June 2016
Constitutional changes at fast pace
The Presidential Administration finally pressurized MPs into passing amendments to the Constitution related to the justice system on June 2 by 335 votes
07 June 2016
People – “1991”
Seven more teams have entered the program of “incubation” for the following six weeks: a unique project to support young IT-professionals
01 June 2016
“These projects are aimed at ensuring the Ukrainian identity’s victory inside all of us”
Den’s Days in Lviv involved thorough discussions of essential matters, an emotional photo outburst... and the birth of a new initiative
31 May 2016
A key question without an answer
Petro Poroshenko’s two years as president: a summary
26 May 2016
Switching... to electric vehicles
Participant of the Kyiv – Monte Carlo marathon Oleksandr Kravtsov discusses peculiarities of electric travel on our roads
24 May 2016
Will Ottawa abandon Canadian values to accommodate Russian interests?
19 May 2016
Aerospace partnership
Ukraine and Turkey will be jointly producing passenger and military transport aircraft
17 May 2016
Streets will become comfortable for “special eyes”
Young inventors are working on a special locator to help visually handicapped people
28 April 2016
“We should recognize the Donbas as an occupied territory”
Volodymyr Lanovy frankly told journalists about his strategic vision of Ukraine and about how to ride out the crisis
26 April 2016
They come to get… acquainted
Our expert doubts that the IMF mission will be satisfied
21 April 2016