“Mechanisms of responsibility”
Expert: “Petro Poroshenko puts forward some very convincing arguments”
21 September 2016
“A new chain of meanings”
Impressions of the first owners of the book My Sister Sofia..., an exclusive bracelet and a unique treasure chest which Den presented at the Publishers’ Forum
20 September 2016
Reunion after a millennium
Den presents a new book, My Sister Sofia, at the Forum of Publishers. Do not miss it!
15 September 2016
How not to “lose out on” history
Hennadii BOLDYR: “Rus’ means first of all Ukraine, and it is crucial to get this message across to the population of the occupied territories”
12 September 2016
Do Ukraine needs Poland as its ambassador in the EU?
The Day’s experts discuss Volodymyr Hroisman’s participation in the Economic Forum in Krynica and his talks with the Polish prime minister
07 September 2016
Klitschko announced the results of negotiations in Tokyo
Japanese corporation is ready to modernize another 10 cars of Kyiv subway, as well as garbage incineration plant “Energy”
07 September 2016
Betrayal or victory?
How the destiny of Ukraine’s Mriya really changed in China
05 September 2016
25 years: the firm grip of the past...
or On the nation’s achievements and the “collective sin” of the political elite
31 August 2016
Yevhen MARCHUK: “Ukraine must rely on its own resources”
Kyiv roundtable experts discuss Kremlin’s possible reaction and Kyiv’s response
23 August 2016
“Photos which awaken conscience”
In seven out of eight cities that hosted Den’s Photo Exhibit 2015, the public’s sympathies went to Anna Chapala’s Daddy Goes to War
18 August 2016
Sabotage group Kremlin
Expert: “The Ukrainian military are bracing for a likely Russian army attack”
16 August 2016
An approaching storm
Russian officials are now admitting that the money is running out
10 August 2016
On Ukrainian “soft power”
Yurii SHCHERBAK: “We should focus now on obtaining US major non-NATO ally status”
09 August 2016
The world after the Pokemons
Maryna TARASOVA: “Very soon, businesses will start building cities of the future based on the augmented reality”
03 August 2016
Hanna HOPKO: “We need a new quality, not new parties”
The Summer School of Journalism met the chair of the Verkhovna Rada Foreign Affairs Committee at her workplace
01 August 2016