When copyright works
An artist won 101,500 hryvnias by a lawsuit against an entrepreneur who sold magnetic toys that bear her pictures
09 November 2016
Overcoming despair
The 18th International Photo Exhibition “Den-2016”: a “reading manual”
08 November 2016
What is Ukraine to do to get rich?
Discussing Reinert’s interview, experts concluded: the root cause of our poverty is not corruption, inadequate education, or bureaucracy but… primitive export
03 November 2016
The Kremlin plans to use… gas to destroy the EU
Alan RILEY: “Former Germany’s chancellor chairs the pipeline and the pipeline goes to the electoral district of the current chancellor”
01 November 2016
Hroisman’s French “rendezvous”
An expert on expectations from the Ukrainian premier’s participation in the Paris business forum
27 October 2016
On Reinert, IMF, and our responsibility
Experts suggested a model of revamping Ukraine’s economy at Den’s roundtable
26 October 2016
Lessons in “Bulgarian” and not only that
By Natalia MALIMON, The Day, Lutsk
25 October 2016
Today’s Ukraine is where Peru was in 1979
Erik REINERT: “I thought this was a one-time craziness of the system. This is the system, this is 1979 till now, they still get away with murder”
19 October 2016
“A stimulus for active work”
An expert on the consequences the Turkish Stream agreement signed in Istanbul will have for Ukraine
13 October 2016
Environmental breakthrough
Verkhovna Rada has passed a number of laws that will force businesses to take the environment into account
11 October 2016
The core of a new epoch
The Paris Agreement on climate change comes into force in a month’s time
11 October 2016
The field of our anxiety…
Expert: “Farmland market must not be launched until the main hot problems are resolved”
06 October 2016
Judith GOUGH: “We need this country to succeed and prosper”
British Ambassador Judith Gough waited a full year before giving an interview to Ukrainian media
04 October 2016
“This is a guilty verdict against Russia”
Experts discuss the Joint Investigation Team releasing results of the investigation into the MH17 shootdown
29 September 2016
The president’s “equator”
Expert: “We have reached a crucial juncture which will either make his presidency a success or become the beginning of his end as a politician”
27 September 2016