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Ukrainian Cabinet adopts sanctions

27 September, 11:44

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted proposals concerning “special personal economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)” against 35 Russian publishing companies in Ukraine that keep producing “anti-Ukrainian materials.” According to the Press Service of the State Television and Radio Committee, the draft resolution reads that such sanctions are to be submitted to the National Security and Defense Council (RNBO). Such sanctions will be imposed on Russian-language publishing companies found to have been producing anti-Ukrainian materials on a regular basis.

Media reports say the State Television and Radio Committee has been closely watching for such anti-Ukrainian productions for the past three years and there is a list of such publishers, that their publications are aimed at destroying Ukrainian national independence, inciting interreligious and interethnic violence, as well as acts of terrorism – all this contrary to universally recognized human rights and freedoms. A report dated August 15, 2018, lists 167 publications put out by 35 Russian publishing companies. This Cabinet decision is emphatically aimed at ensuring Ukraine’s national interests, defense, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and an independent economy.

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