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“Mom, I am Sorry for Giving You So Much Trouble”

<h2> Child suicides result from adults’ depression</h2><p>
27 October, 00:00

Forty children who have chosen to part with their lives during the first half of this year are at first glance an insignificant part of the 7898 suicides committed in Ukraine over this period. However, the crying senselessness of a child’s death in general and of a voluntary one in particular does not make this figure look less tragic.

According to psychologists, any suicide is caused by an internal conflict between what is desired and what is, which a person is not able to resolve with his own devices. A child, especially at puberty, is oftentimes incapable of settling this conflict on his own, without any help from the outside. During this time, the guardians of peace in a child’s psyche are the young soul’s innate love for life and parental love, which should abound especially during the “difficult” age period.

However, in a situation when wages are not paid and prices are going up, the value of human life drops to zero - do we really care about love now? We either drink while forgetting that our children become orphans when we are drunk, or are busy with the most important thing, making a living. Every child knows well that when their parents are busy, it means they are not there for the child at all. For this reason, our children are left one-on-one with themselves during hard moments, and, as a result, they grow up much too quickly.

Yet, this is still not enough to push a child out of the window or into a noose. A human being that has been born into this world relatively recently has a genuine, instinctive love for life and enjoys it in his own special way. And only those people who gave him this love can take it away from him, his parents. Not through an evil intention, but rather through their unwillingness, albeit unacknowledged, to live “in this country.” “The program of self-destruction” first kills not adults but their children, who have not yet become coarsened by the prose of life. In other words, children sense very well what adults want from them.

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