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If Every Third Mother Gives Birth Underfed How Can Ukrainian Children Be Healthy?

21 April, 00:00
By Larysa Nykonova, The Day

Over 500,000 women around the world die annually during pregnancy and in labor. The World Health Organization believes much attention should be paid to this problem.

International Health Day was held under the slogan of safe pregnancy. The deputy head of administration at the Health Ministry Tamara Irkina told The Day that the maternal mortality in Ukraine is twice that of Europe. 140 women died in 1997: 30.1 women per 100,000 live births. Also 13.8 infants died for each thousand newborns, which is also one of the highest mortality rates in the world. The reasons are simple: accidents, doctors’ mistakes, pregnancy complications, etc. However, there are also some typically Ukrainian things, such as total weakness of mothers-to-be, caused by bad or inadequate nutrition, their daily intake lacking such important ingredients as meat, fish, milk, and vitamin-rich vegetables, which makes them an easy target for sickness and complications. The state hospitals’ budget stipulates Hr 0.20-0.60 a day to feed women about to give birth. However, some hospitals cannot supply even this little, women have to bring along everything up to surgical gloves. Those who cannot afford it can only give birth at home: over 400 babies were born at home last year and in 90% of cases women suffered from heavy complications. Unfortunately, people who decide to have children should consider not only the happiness of being a parent, but also the risks.


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