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Does Television Serve Those on Top or Articulate for Those Below?

27 October, 00:00

When we turn on the television or open a newspaper, we want normal objective information. Alas, the current situation in Ukraine is rather specific: the authorities instead of using direct censorship make use of a variety of other economic, taxation, and judicial ways to put pressure onto the mass media. This results in serving us in the national broadcasting theater with biased interpretation instead of facts and ideological propaganda pieces instead of analysis.

Are the journalists and domestic television channels leaders themselves ready to resist this? Are they able to become not a means of manipulating mass consciousness but a tool of public control over those in power?

Last Thursday, The Day conducted an unprecedented action having put together our television leaders to discuss those cardinal issues of Ukrainian information sphere. The discussion was attended by Zinovy Kulyk, Mykola Kniazhytsky, Oleksandr Rodniansky, Yuri Plaksiuk, Volodymyr Nechayevsky and others along with well-known sociologists and political analysts. The discussion account will be published in the next issue of The Day.

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