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21 April, 00:00
By Klara Gudzyk, The Day

Easter is one of the main holidays for all Christendom, the content of which is at the center of the Christian faith. It commemorates the earthly death of the Son of God in order to save humanity from its sins and his miraculous rising from the dead. The church has always given the day of Christ’s triumph over death a special festive character. In Orthodoxy it is marked by a nightly procession of the faithful around the church containing elements of the medieval passion play when Christ’s body was vainly sought in the tomb. Before the entrance the procession is solemn and sad, illuminated only by hand-held candles. Then the procession returns and announces “Christ has risen!” Then all the censers are lit and the entire church is completely illuminated. The moment of great joy has arrived. Life has triumphed over death.

Photo by Viktor Maruchshenko, The Day


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