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Synergy of effort
How to stop living in simulation mode and fill the state with real content
02 February 2017
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Will Donald Trump follow the example of Ronald Reagan?
The Day’s experts discuss the positives and negatives of the American president’s first call with Vladimir Putin since taking office
31 January 2017
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“The mood of our time”
In the first three days of Den’s photo exhibit in Sumy, it had over a thousand visitors
26 January 2017
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Who will dare to go there after Viktor Pinchuk’s “compromises”?
“The Ukrainian lunch in Davos is not a philanthropic endeavor for the oligarch, but rather a means of pursuing his personal interests,” a journalist believes
17 January 2017
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Viktor Pinchuk’s “compromises” as a surrender scenario?
Expert: “We will be able to liberate Crimea and the occupied territories of the Donbas if we make clear to our Western partners a simple truth: Russia is a threat not only for Ukraine, but also for the West”
12 January 2017
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“Syrian option” for Ukraine
Why the world is currently changing in a dangerous direction and how to respond to it
27 December 2016
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PrivatBank’s NON-private story
The text, context, and subtext of nationalization
22 December 2016
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How to force Russia to implement the terms of Minsk 2
Daniel BAER: “Engagement with the OSCE is only one element of our efforts...”
20 December 2016
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What Russian security service left intact
A photography exhibit of the persecuted Crimean journalist Mykola Semena opens in Kyiv on December 15
15 December 2016
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Information warfare
Russia is tightening warfare mode
13 December 2016
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Greece and aggression
Why the cradle of democracy supports Russian imperialism
02 February 2015
Imposing sanctions on Russia, funding Ukraine
US Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew praised the Ukrainian government for “achieving macroeconomic stability”
02 February 2015
The Minsk protocols have been blown to bits in Mariupol
The Ukrainian military responded in force to the Donbas attack. Will the parliament match the soldiers’ effort with its own?
26 January 2015
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Operational decentralization
15 April 2014
Affiche - December 26-January 1
25 December 2012
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