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“This is an act of intimidation”
Russian Askold Kurov’s film The Trial: The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov (Estonia – Poland – the Czech Republic) premieres at Docudays UA
04 April 2017
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GUAM: a new breath of life?
Expert: “The idea of member countries engaging in joint efforts is viable. And Ukraine should be the main driver of the organization, as it is the regional leader”
30 March 2017
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Navalny’s “provocation”
Navalny’s “provocation”
28 March 2017
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RFI: Macron was the most convincing
Five out of eleven French presidential candidates held the first TV debate
23 March 2017
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What is the strategy for returning Crimea?
“First of all, we need to ensure effective broadcasting in the occupied territory,” a ministerial advisor believes
21 March 2017
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“They want to keep Ukrainians down on the farm”
The author of the bestseller How Rich Countries Got Rich and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor responded to criticism coming from Ukrainian libertarians
16 March 2017
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“Ukraine’s position is extremely strong”
On the importance of hearings in the UN International Court of Justice
13 March 2017
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“Ukraine has begun the legal fight”
On The Hague court holding its first hearing on Ukraine’s lawsuit against Russia over the latter’s violations of the Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
07 March 2017
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“Everyone can take an active position”
All Vinnytsia schools and libraries have received books from Den’s Library series
02 March 2017
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Polish Ambassador Jan Pieklo: Ukraine’s security means Poland’s security
28 February 2017
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“We should have had more links with Bulgarians than with Russia”
My Sister Sofia... is ranked among the best books of 2016
23 February 2017
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James MACE: a man of Truth
Face to face with a biblical tragedy
21 February 2017
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“Britain has realized the danger of Russian propaganda”
Experts opine on Boris Johnson setting up a 700-million-pound soft power fund to combat Vladimir Putin
16 February 2017
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On Ukraine’s chronic maladies
Mykhailo POZHYVANOV: “Those who were close to Kuchma and whom he made oligarchs are still ruling this country”
13 February 2017
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Ukraine and Europe. Ave: welcome or farewell?
Den spoke to contemporary Slavic intellectuals Oxana Pachlovska and Galia Ackerman
07 February 2017
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