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The Putin “Mausoleum”
Historian Taras ORLYONOK: “History has always been mostly a handmaid of the regime in Russia: how can one dare to write something ‘wrong’ when there is a security officer with a gun at one’s side?”
15 June 2017
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The Verkhovna Rada resumed Ukraine’s NATO membership course. Why were earlier chances missed and how to achieve accession to the Alliance now?
13 June 2017
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How to establish continuity between eras – 2
Monarchy in the 21st century: the example of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
07 June 2017
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The “institution of reputation” as a tool to fight “kleptocracy”
Sergejus MURAVJOVAS:“Previously, Lithuanians believed that no tool could defeat corruption. We do not think so anymore”
31 May 2017
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5 years of a glossy alternative
Den team’s magazine Route No. 1 celebrates its first major anniversary
30 May 2017
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Had you but learned the way you ought. Version 2.0
“Three years ago, Ukrainians were choosing not only the next president, but also someone who would be able to overcome the vicious rules,” a veteran of the fighting for the Donetsk Airport says
25 May 2017
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The Chornobyl Rubicon
Radioecologist Serhii PASKEVYCH: “Our goal is to turn the Shelter Facility into an environmentally-friendly system”
23 May 2017
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Election intrigue in Iran
Expert: “The socioeconomic situation in the country is Rouhani’s Achilles heel in the current presidential race”
18 May 2017
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Visa waiver in figures
Expert: “The European Union’s visa requirements cost Ukrainian citizens about 60 million euros a year”
18 May 2017
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The epilog to a press conference
What did President Petro Poroshenko’s encounter with the media show?
16 May 2017
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How Kharkiv Agreements lay groundwork for “Minsk pocket”
This year Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was to have left the Ukrainian Sevastopol. What triggered the scenario of occupation?
27 April 2017
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A deadly mission
Expert: “There are serious doubts about the feasibility of a UN peacekeeping force being stationed in Donbas. Ukraine by itself must reach the level of military capacity necessary to establish order in the country”
25 April 2017
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A supreme intrigue
What should President Petro Poroshenko do to get a second term?
19 April 2017
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Security begins with a strategy
Yevhen MARCHUK: “We need to plan ahead with at least a dozen logical and sequential steps, not with slogans and appeals”
11 April 2017
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Vaccination against the romance of Bolshevism
Eerie reality through satire to be seen at “1917-2017” cartoon exhibit
06 April 2017
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