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“I will never forget that September 11”
The Day has found a person who was at the North Tower of the World Trade Center at the time of the terrorist attack 16 years ago
12 September 2017
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“When people know their history, no one can ever steal it”
Dmytro Tymchuk explains why “anyone who will” can come and plunder Ukrainian monuments, and how to stop this
06 September 2017
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Erased history
The destroyed graffiti in Hrushevsky Street: are Ukrainians ready to not give in to provocation, and the authorities to not provide reasons for it?
05 September 2017
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Freedom… at the saber’s point
Olha KHARLAN: “We, athletes, are also trying to bring the victory closer by means of our results and efforts”
31 August 2017
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The American Kozaks: mission and individuality
Their “empire” embraced various professions, civil and cultural initiatives, but most of all influenced artistic and intellectual life of the Ukrainian community beyond Ukraine
22 August 2017
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Babi Yar and the post-colonial approach
Anatolii PODOLSKYI: We have to cultivate in ourselves a culture of responsibility for the memory of our past”
17 August 2017
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“Unless we learn to dream, we will not achieve anything”
Sculptor Mykhailo REVA discusses the energy of the material, the Odesa spirit, and cooperation with Ernst Neizvestny
15 August 2017
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Lessons from Yevhen Hrytsiak
This leader of the Norilsk uprising (Gulag, 1953) would have marked his 91st birthday on August 9
10 August 2017
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“The Ukrainians have made a contribution to the development of Canada”
Ambassador Roman WASCHUK on the first gains after the ratification of the FTA agreement and on progress in military cooperation
08 August 2017
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Kyiv – Vilnius: historical connections
Ambassador Marius JANUKONIS:“We have to show to the world the European roots of Ukraine”
03 August 2017
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How to establish continuity between eras – 5
Monarchy in the 21st century: the example of the Kingdom of Norway
01 August 2017
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Historical contacts between Ukraine and Norway
01 August 2017
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The Macron formula
Will the initiatives of the French president be able to lead the Minsk process out of the impasse?
27 June 2017
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Active defense
Heorhii TUKA: “Declaring martial law in the Donbas in the fourth year of the war is quite feasible”
22 June 2017
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A word on the Power of Spirit
H.E. Borys Gudziak, Bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Paris, shared his reminiscences of and reflections on the mission of Cardinal Josyf Slipyj at the UCU Kyiv Center
19 June 2017
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