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Museum in computer
Why it is important to digitize cultural heritage and how this is going on in Ukraine
20 March 2018
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Poison traces lead to Kremlin
The first thing London needs if it wants to seriously counteract Russia is cohesion of its Western allies
14 March 2018
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Ideas, come out!
How the first state-run business incubator for school students operates
06 March 2018
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Cities in which intellect wins
Cities in which intellect wins
01 March 2018
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100 years of the proclamation of hetmanship in Ukraine–2
On populist hypnosis and constructive conservatism
27 February 2018
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The citadel of Spirit against insidious force
Russia began to occupy Crimea four years ago. Archbishop Klyment recalls the events and assesses the situation on the peninsula
22 February 2018
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James Mace: remember and study
February 18 is the birthday of the Great Ukrainian, a native of Oklahoma who devoted his life to the study of the Holodomor and other crimes of the Bolshevik regime
20 February 2018
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This is the way Christianity looks like…
15 February 2018
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On the role of the monarchy, Minsk II, and the Budapest Memorandum
Ambassador Judith GOUGH: “Ukraine continues to remain a priority for us and we continue to support Ukraine and remain in solidarity with Ukraine”
13 February 2018
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“The true Boichuk began here”
What Kyiv’s frescoes by Executed Renaissance legendary artists reveal
08 February 2018
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“To assume responsibility for the country”
A regular session of the Kyiv debate club “Elitist Front Room” focused on the topic “Elite and People” based on the book The Crown, or Heritage of the Rus’ Kingdom
06 February 2018
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On the priorities of Canada’s G7 presidency
Roman WASCHUK: “We should support the plans of Ukraine itself about reforms
01 February 2018
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Davos 2018: particularities
Emmanuel Macron regards education as No. 1 item of his globalization program. And what are we banking on?
30 January 2018
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“Our engineers were winners in the terrible 20th century”
Natalia Pysarevska tells how technical museums help the society to develop
24 January 2018
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When friendship is gone
What should we do about the Great Treaty with Russia?
23 January 2018
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