The Day’s ninth anniversary: prizes awarded to the best

This year’s eighth photo exhibit of The Day commemorated the newspaper’s ninth anniversary. It was launched in the Ukrainian House last Friday and set several records. Record number one: over 800 works submitted by 150 professional and amateur art photographers from all over Ukraine and abroad. Record number two: whereas previously such photo displays could be accommodated by a single Ukrainian House exhibition hall, this year it took two halls displaying a total of 170 works. By way of comparison, The Day’s 2004 photo contest received 750 photos from 96 participants and its purse amounted to UAH 34,000 — less special prizes. Over the years we have received more than 3,000 photos from 856 amateurs and professionals. During this period The Day’s photo contests have become the most prestigious ones in Ukraine. Record number three (most appreciated by the winners): the contest’s purse was expanded owing to our regular and new partners.

Naturally, arranging for and holding such photo contests — especially one of such scope — is a heavy burden on a daily newspaper’s budget. Larysa Ivshyna, editor-in-chief of The Day, however, says that, to begin with, this photo contest is something our society needs; second, “we aren’t apologists of incessant celebrations, so we’re celebrating our anniversary the way journalists do and The Day’s way, by staging photo contests, exhibits, and by releasing new editions of The Day’s Library Series.” This year two books, Day and Eternity of James Mace and The Apocrypha of Klara Gudzyk, have been added to our bookshelf.

The principle, whereby our contests are won not by “our people,” but by true winners, was formulated during The Day’s first photo contest. Eloquent proof of this is Anatoly Stepanov, a Kyiv debutant who was conferred The Day’s Editor-in-Chief Larysa Ivshyna’s special prize for his photo “Easter Eve.” Anatoly Stepanov says he learned about the photo contest from a radio commercial. He found it interesting, then thought it was a real challenge, so he picked the gauntlet. Now he feels very proud about his reward, which he received from the editor-in-chief. He believes that his is perhaps the photo contest’s greatest prize. As a newly admitted contender in this photo contest, Anatoly Stepanov has many impressions: “What I like about the works on display is that none contains compromising or scandalous information; instead each shows only the author’s creative approach.”

The photo exhibit in the Ukrainian House will last till Sept. 30 (open from 10:00 till 18:00, admission free). Incidentally, yet another intrigue of the photo contest is the audience’s choice prize, which is still to be awarded as determined by you.

Special UN prizes awarded in Ukraine:

Natalia Kravchuk (Kyiv) for her “Orphan Girl” in the nomination” Freedom from Poverty”.

Oleh Shkurko (t. Vyshneve), “Boys and a Violin” in the nomination “Freedom from Fear”

Oleh Fedoniuk (Kyiv), “Toward Set Goal,” in the nomination “Freedom to Live in Conditions worthy of Man”

Consolation monetary prizes from Kharkiv’s Zapovit Charitable Fund:

Anastasia Syrotkina (Kharkiv), “Overture” and “A Spare Braid”

Bohdan Yatsyshyn (Lviv), “Plast on the Go”

Serhiy Starostenko (Kyiv), “Ukraine being Dragged into WTO. Parliament”

Viktor Spivakov (Kyiv), “Eyes Straight at the Major!” and “A Snack”

Special prize from 1+1 TV Channel:

Maryna Holina (Kharkiv), “Care for Democracy” and “The Second Round”

Special prize from Whites International PR Agency:

Oleksandr Lytvynenko (Kyiv), “Hostage of Stone Yards”

Special prize from Inter TV channel:

Mykola Smilyk (t. Ichnia), “Fit for a Borsch”

Special prize from ICTV Channel:

Oleh Fedoniuk (Kyiv), “First Love” and “Toward Set Goal”

Special prize from DKT Co. (Toshiba pocket PC):

Leonid Bakka (Kyiv), “Warm Welcome” and “Stock Exchange”

Special prize from Black Sea Television & Radio Co., Ltd. (Crimea):

Vasyl Artiushenko, “Little Aurora,” “Parishioner,” “Eyes of the Maidan”

Special prize from Rodovid Group of Companies:

Pavlo Podufalov, “Merry-making,” “A Garrison Hat for Each”

Special prizes from Ukrainian Press Group Closed Corporation (Editors of The Day):

Serhiy Vahanov, “A Hundred Roads” and “Out of Time”; Volodymyr Falin, “System,” “In Uniform,” and “Taking a Stroll”; Serhiy Svitlytsky, “Peace Shield. Ukrainian-US Military Exercise. Opuk Target Range”

First prize (UAH 3,000):

Oleksandr Kosarev (Kyiv), “In Possession of a Plot” and “Great Machinery!”

Second prize (UAH 2,500):

Natalia Kravchuk (Kyiv), “I’m Waiting for You” and “Prison Camp’s Best Trumpeter”

Third prize (UAH 1,500):

Oksana Nedilchenko (Kyiv), “A Purely Female Machine,” “Artistry,” and “Fighting Developers”

Special prize from The Day’s Editor-in-Chief Larysa Ivshyna:

Anatoly Stepanov (Kyiv), “Easter Eve”

Main Prize (Ukrainian Professional Bank charge card worth UAH 7,000):

Mykhailo Markiv, “Mykhailo and Viktor,” “Following Closely,” and “The Winner”

Special prize (deposit contract worth UAH 5,000) from Vyacheslav Yutkin, chairman of the supervisory board, Bank NRB- Ukraine:

Borys Korpusenko, “Third Eye” and “Getting Chummy”

Grand Prix (UAH 10,000 deposit contract with Bank NRB-Ukraine):

Mykola Lazarenko, “Different Life” and “If Only You Studied Properly”