From Belarusians to Their Ukrainian Brothers

Such is the name of a charity concert to be held in Kyiv on June 4; it will bring together Belarusian and Ukrainian bands, united in support for the ATO soldiers

The event, to be hosted by the Atlas club, will be accompanied by a fundraiser for the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital, report the concert’s organizers, the Molode Radio station and the Musical Volunteers NGO.

It is difficult to imagine effective frontline operations without volunteer support now. This applies both to military units and medical support. Military doctors are spread too thinly to be able to cover all the needs of the front, especially in such hotspots as the village of Pisky or the city of Avdiivka, both in Donetsk region. Therefore, financial support for medical volunteers is very important, including that for the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital. The hospital is based in Artemivsk and treats soldiers, volunteer militiamen and civilians, the organizers say.

The Musical Volunteers NGO was created in order to coordinate the efforts of civic volunteers and musicians who want to help Ukraine in its hour of need.

The charity concert “From Belarusians to Their Ukrainian Brothers,” which has united the two peoples, aims to raise money for purchasing a reanimobile.

Bands from Ukraine (Haidamaky and Rolliks) and Belarus (Trubetskoy and Dai Darohu) will perform at the concert.

“We have agreed to take part in this concert because it will raise funds for a reanimobile for the Ukrainian Army units serving in the war zone. People have become less willing to help volunteers lately, just as the conflict continues in the east, and new units that also need help arrive to the front. The concert will be a display of Ukrainian-Belarusian friendship, which is also very important,” we heard from Oleksandr Yarmola, the Haidamaky’s frontman. A charity auction will be held during the concert.